Brylor WRAZ Makn Waves 39X
Registration #1433806
Mak'n Waves is Mak'n his mark!  Waves is a big topped, deep ribbed, super thick bull with an exceptionally large quarter and extra length to boot. He has it all!  As a yearling calf Waves sold for $47,500.00 for 1/3 interest and full possession. In October of 2013 we purchased Mak'n Waves and own 100% full possession and 100% semen interest on the bull. We are very excited about using him! Waves calves are of superb quality both heifers and bulls, with an extensive pedigree consisting of multiple breed leading sires like Bieber Make Mimi 7249, Bieber Makin Hay 9913, Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P and Red Brylor New Trend 22D. Even the most discriminating breeder will have a hard time overlooking Wave's and his offspring, we are expecting the very best!!!`
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L83 Entourage 112  
Registration #1448747
ORT Ice Cold 6013  
Registration #1588845
Bieber Rough Country A523 
Registration #1619833

Rough Country A523 is a bull that we purchased for $21,000.00 out of the 2014 Bieber Red Angus Sale. He is a breed changing bull that will improve even your most elite flush cow. His offspring are phenomenal, both bulls and heifers! Semen is available!

CER Hurricane 10A
Registration #1641669